Circular Economy Handbook for Ibero-American Cities

Circular Economy

for Ibero-American cities

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Circular Economy Handbook
for Cities

The Circular Economy Handbook for Ibero-American Cities was created with the intention of inspiring and guiding the implementation of municipal initiatives and public policies based on circular economy principles. It can be used by urban managers in any city, and applied according to local realities.

The Circular Economy Handbook for Cities is part of the project “Circular economy as an innovative mechanism for implementing the 2030 Agenda”, carried out by Ideia Circular and Flock with strategic support from the Union of Ibero American Capital Cities (UCCI) and coordination by the Municipality of São Paulo, involving the cities of Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Montevideo and São Paulo.

Many of the reflections and case studies in this Circular Economy handbook were based on the accounts of managers of these 4 cities, but the idea is that the lessons learned and shared experiences can serve as inspiration for other Ibero-American cities with similar contexts.

What you’ll find inside the handbook

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The handbook is divided in three parts: Understand, Plan, and Transform!


You will learn about the main theoretical bases of the circular economy, reflect on the specific challenges and opportunities of the Ibero-American context, and see how this topic has been approached in cities through the idea of a circular urban metabolism, recognizing five key areas to guide and structure local transition efforts.


You will walk through a step-by-step guide on how to plan circular actions and strategies for your city, through the analysis of the local context, development of a vision of the future and elaboration of a Roadmap, organizing the intentions, goals, deadlines and indicators, and recognizing the actors that need to be involved in the transition towards a circular economy.


You will explore some mechanisms to enable the implementation of the circular economy vision in your city, both in the sphere of public policies directly linked to municipal government, and in relation to other sectors of society that are part of this systemic transformation.

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Circular Economy Handbook for
ibero-american cities

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